Chapter 2.5

Hey look, it hasn’t been a year between updates!  Woo! Well, it is official, the last time I played the game crashed and we had a bit of time to make up.  This did include having Amethyst complete her LTW again, which took all of 10 in game minutes. Advertisements

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Chapter 2.4

I can’t believe there has only been three updates this whole year (2016). I am so sorry about that.  It started off with a buttload of crashing and I just sort of gave up.  In July, I started getting power supply errors.  It ended up being my motherboard and I had to wait for money […]

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Chapter 2.3

I’m sure stuff happened last time, but I’m writing this up six months after taking these pics and I don’t even remember this update much less the last one. Also, this was scheduled for April 2016, but it failed to update.  I’m doing that today (June/2016).  My bad!

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Spirit Animal Award

A huge thank you to Umbramuse, Somebodysangel13* Randi** (The Tart’s), and Pinkfiend1* (The Parker Alphabetacy)  for the nominations.  I really appreciate it.  Head over to Bedlam ISBI to see her kick ass challenge. Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules: 1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their page. 2.) Post the award […]

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Chapter 2.2

Well, remember how last chapter waited to be published for almost three months?  Well, this chapter has 43 pictures from that same time frame.  Guess who cannot remember what the heck was going on?  Yeah. Me. I do recall that I disliked their new house and built a small one on the platforms in Lucky […]

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Chapter 2.1

Last time, Onyx was almost left to die in the cold, then there were birthdays and we said goodbye to the older set of triplets.  This was followed by five of the most boring days ever until the last birthdays happened and we said goobye to Sapphire and Citrine. A/N 11/28/15:  Please note that this […]

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